My name is Michael Chabot and my passion for creativity started when my father took me to the Detroit River to do a painting of the Ambassador bridge. My fourth grade teacher had changed my life by identifying my visual learning style and allowing me to submit a painting for a report that was due. I enjoyed painting so much that I almost forgot it was a homework project. As a young student, I struggled in academic subjects and I understand how difficult learning can be sometimes. Because of the great teachers that have motivated me throughout my life and the art that has helped it all make sense, I have come to love learning, and desire the same for my students. It is my life's passion to reach and touch the lives of all students no matter their circumstances, and encourage them that they can become successful at anything they put their heart and mind to. Through discovery, imagination, and the design process, it is my hope to be able to reach a multitude of students with different learning styles. Please consider me as a possible candidate, as I would love nothing more than to help you make a difference in your school.