Do Nothing

Setting a boundary or system for your work is tempting. What if it could all be so neat and organized? What if everyday I could wake up knowing exactly what is expected of me? The ambiguity of who I am and what I want to do is a burden on every thought. Could abiguity be an adventure through which my system is established? I guess so. One of the most important lessons that I have learned is that everything can be reimagined rebuilt or repurposed. This Includes belief systems, character, and especially conventions of getting things done. 

Systems can be hyper organized, quota based, or maybe the system is having no system at all. 

These days I am trying to use my brains natural organizational abilities instead of lists (or apps) and do what is in my mind when it is there. It is my second year in this attempt although I feel this philosophy may have been building in me for longer. I let go, I am not in control. I am a wave, but I am not tossed. I run, but the track does not wind where expected. The path to success is to look elsewhere. To give rather than gather. Attempt to do nothing. Feel the peace sweep over you. Then out of that peace, a new point of view. Resist the urge to capture that new thought and instead let it go free. Let it build into something new and better, each time letting it go free again until it is undeniable that action is required and then let it go again. Revel in the infinite depth of your restful mind and know that all will work out. Let your mind refine and reinvent your idea until the force of your creativity reveals its limitless potential. By ceasing to strive for greatness, greatness has revealed itself. A hunter must be silent before it’s prey. But what if the hunter is more patient still?  What if the prey brings a gift and that gift is more sustanance than the hunter aimed to find to begin with? What if more ideas lie in the expanse of serenity than in the caffeine mining our ambitions. Rest, now there is a field worth digging in.