Can events in life seem totally random and inconsequential one minute and then two months later become the pillars of your uniqueness? Or is bloodshot clawing effort in direct correlation to success? Maybe experiments of this nature are just far too long and the data forgotten in cares or new blood that wouldn't dare read the papers in your attic. The search for information could be invigorating in itself but shouldn't it be sprawled out somewhere for a pattern to be identified? Chaos offends and confuses, but to some the sound breeds melody. Having new ideas sometimes means clearing your mind of all ideas. Float in the confidence of who you are rather than squirrel for nuts that only add up to fatigue. Inside of you is a rythym and others need to hear and see what you are. Creatures wish to be nothing else. They never waste a minute wondering why. There is a drum in their hearts that beats behavior and their thoughts are smiling as it pours out into bird songs and lion roars.