The mine

by Michael Chabot

You are on a tour of a copper mine way up north. The ground is stony, the air is dank, but surprisingly, the temperature is warm. As you travel deeper, you learn of the miles of empty tunnels and the countless abandoned levels reaching downward for more darkness. “Don’t wander off, you could easily get lost, or worse, fall down an open shaft.” The black face of an unlit corridor gives you chills and your mind wanders on into more frightening rooms. The tour comes slowly to an end. You are excited to leave but you know already that it will be a memory you visit often. As you look back down the infinite chasm from where you came, you cannot help but fixate on the point at which the lamps get small and fade into the darkness. Everyone is filing out of the mine and into the sun, but you hold your pause for a moment longer.  Far away, near the end of the narrowing tunnel you see the shadowy form of a figure walk across and back into the dark.

NewWorlds The Mine